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7 New track maps

Greetings everyone from May, when the weather is starting to feel like summer. In today's post, I will briefly talk about the latest Racetrack Notes update, the issues I solved and the ones that I couldn't. But first, let's talk about real life motorsports a little, shall we?

Not fake palm trees

🇺🇸 American Style Showbiz: 2022 Miami GP

I love the street circuits like Monaco, Baku, and Le Mans. I don't know what makes them special, is it because being able to drive on the "circuit" with your own car while imagining race cars flying around in 300 km/h on the exact road you drive, or is it maybe because pushing the limits on the roads that were not originally built for speed? I don't know but I do like them.

"Give the drivers the reward, they'll race to the death on any track" - (Don't remember who said that)

A new one has been added to the list in the past month: The Miami GP. Leaving aside the liking and disliking the track’s shape, I think Americans gave a lesson on "How to organize a racing weekend". It was such a wonderful motorsports event, from the hype created to the dozens of facilities for the fans. In the modern world, If you want to watch the actual race, there is no better option than live streaming. But if you want to have a true motorsport experience, you have to go to where the race is and be a part of that big circus. Being a racing fan is not just buying tickets and sitting in the grandstands. The organizers, who knew this very well, did a very good job.

👊 Huge thanks!

Let's get back to our app. I welcome and thank all of the new users who have recently subscribed to the app. I will continue to work on creating a useful tool that will allow you to go faster on the track and keep on doing so as long as you guys are here.

👀 I couldn't keep my promise of "new track every month"

In the last 3 months, due to some work/life intensity, instead of monthly updates, I have released exactly 7 new tracks at one go.

The following circuits and their highly detailed track maps are at your disposal in the current version:

  1. Bahrain GP

  2. Donington Park

  3. Hungaroring

  4. Road Atlanta

  5. Zandvoort

  6. Zolder

  7. Watkins Glen

🗺 Still have problems with zooming

Part of the reason this version came out later than I expected was because I wanted to enable the zoom&pan feature. I'm still stuck on a bug originating from SwiftUI. Although our track maps are vector based and I did all the programming accordingly, they become pixelated when they are scaled up. And there is no point in scaling when you can't see a curve in great detail. I tried an open source solution that I came across on GitHUB and it still didn't work. I corresponded with the developer, he said "Let me take a look" and I guess he's still struggling (No answers at the time of this post). Otherwise, our first toolbar(ish) feature is currently under construction. Yay!

🎁 The good news: New super subscription offers!

As a beginner programmer, I wanted to release this app as soon as possible and improve it in time according to the feedback I receive. There is still a long way before the application reaches the place I dreamed of "The Ultimate Circuit Training App". And I set the initial subscription price with that vision in mind.

However, the pricing received some negative feedback on the launch. I listened and agreed. Therefore, I now created new offers with a considerable discount. Racetrack Notes Pro subscription is now $0.99/month and $9.99/year respectively.

As I'm ending this post, I gotta say I've already started working on the new track maps. And I hope our next release will come with zoom&pan feature.

See you on the tracks!


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